The Today Show Pt. 2 (The pics)

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Happy February! We’re that much closer to the end of the long cold Northeast winter. 

As promised, here are a few photos from The Today Show performance with Gemma Genazzano last week! Enjoy…

Travis & Gemma

Good Morning America! Wait, wrong show!

The Today Show set from my POV

The amazing backup singers with Gemma's daughter Noa

Gemma's rhythm section: Joe, Dave, and Nate!

Ravi Best warming up

Musical Director Joe in makeup.

Lights, camera, action!


The Today Show, now it’s time to sleep…er…blog!

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First off…the video of today’s performance with Gemma Genazzano on The Today Show is up on The Today Show’s website:

This has been quite a day.  It started at 4am today, waking up bleary-eyed at my girlfriend Jamia’s apartment in Union

Gemma Today Show

Where's Waldo? Travis Sullivan with Gemma Genazzano on The Today Show 1/29/10

Square to be at NBC Studios by 5AM for a 5:45 soundcheck.  It’s really interesting to see what’s going on in Manhattan at around 4:30am – it’s such a transitional time – people are either going home after a long night, or getting ready for a long day! I was one of the latter in this case.  I got to the studio on time and from there it was all about hanging with the band, going where we were supposed to go, and playing when we were supposed to play.  Everyone did such an amazing job, and Gemma was awesome! I was also particularly psyched that Nate Smith was on drums.  He has an amazing pocket and really laid down a great groove.  A true pleasure to play with such a slick, professional group!

Now I’m back at ye olde day job, and I’m completely out of it I’m so tired (but not too tired to get my blogging in, such dedication!).  I took some great pics from the performance and I’m going to post them on Monday.  In the meantime, enjoy the video!!!

Travis on The Today Show next week!


I’m home today from work…happy MLK Day! Some exciting news…I’m going to be making my first network TV appearance on NBC’s  The Today Show on January 29th at 9:30am.   I’m playing with a great latin/soul singer Gemma Genazzano, performing her hit single “Take Me Away.”  I’ll be in the horn section, and you know how people love saxophone close-ups. Please tune in if you can.  At the very least it’s making my mom really excited because her little boy is going to be a superstar for a minute!

Today’s a nice relaxing day.  Some practicing, some yoga, meditation, a little bit of everything after a fairly productive weekend!